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3 Tips to Build a Meaningful Relationship with Intended Parents

Being a surrogate is an incredibly rewarding experience. You are helping create a family and fulfilling the dreams of intended parents. During the process, building a connection with your intended parents is just as important as the medical aspects of your surrogacy journey. Here we share 3 tips on how to build a meaningful relationship with your intended parents.

Tip #1: Set Clear Expectations

Surrogates and intended parents should set clear expectations from the very beginning of their relationship. Outlining expectations helps all parties understand what they can expect from each other during the process. This includes everything from communication frequency, to medical appointment protocols, to how much information will be shared with extended family and friends about the surrogacy journey and pregnancy. Setting expectations early helps build trust and sets the tone for the entire relationship going forward. A great surrogacy agency will help you to set and maintain these expectations.

Tip #2: Establish Open Lines of Communication

Open communication is key in any relationship and this certainly applies when it comes to surrogacy relationships between surrogates and intended parents. Establishing open lines of communication encourages both parties to ask questions and discuss any issues or concerns that may arise during their journey together. This also provides an opportunity for intended parents to get to know the surrogate better, which helps foster a more meaningful bond between all parties involved in the surrogacy process.

Tip #3: Stay Connected Throughout Your Journey

It’s important to stay connected throughout your surrogacy journey, possibly even after you have completed it successfully (if this is what all parties have agreed on). The bond you create with your intended parents over this time will last far beyond your pregnancy. Staying in touch can involve anything from sending photos or updates, or even just a quick text every once in awhile to see how everyone is doing—it all helps maintain that close connection that is key to a success surrogacy. Again, a great surrogacy agency can help all parties maintain open communication that works well for everyone.

Building strong connections with your intended parents is an essential part of being a successful surrogate. By setting clear expectations, establishing open lines of communication, and staying connected throughout your journey, you can ensure that both you and your intended parents will benefit from having a positive and meaningful relationship built on trust and understanding.