What We Do

Our Expertise. Your Journey.

Our mission at Surrogacy Mentor® is simple: to bring together qualified surrogates and reputable surrogacy agencies.

Surrogates: Save time, paperwork and confusion by starting your journey with us, and letting us do all of the hard work to find you a reputable surrogacy agency -- all at zero cost to you. Let us leverage our years of expertise -- not just as prior surrogates, but as respected surrogacy professionals with hundreds of successful surrogacy matches under our belt. Take our surrogacy quiz or chat with a surrogate today, to see how Surrogacy Mentor® can help you start your journey as a gestational surrogate.

Agencies: We ensure that every surrogate is pre-screened, educated via our proprietary Surrogacy University® education series and matched with the agency that best suits her needs. Our ultimate goal is a safe, ethical and joyful journey for each surrogate, parent and agency.