5 Awesome Reasons to Become a Surrogate

5 Awesome Reasons to Become a Surrogate

As experienced surrogates ourselves, we know that becoming a surrogate is an incredibly rewarding experience. As a surrogate, you have the opportunity to help others who are unable to have children on their own. Here are five reasons why becoming a surrogate might be right for you:

Reason #1: Giving the Gift of Family

One of the biggest reasons why women choose to become a surrogate is because they want to make someone’s dream of family come true. As a surrogate, you will give others the gift of family. You will not only create life, but also provide hope and joy for those struggling with to build their family. This makes being a surrogate one of the most meaningful experiences you can have in your lifetime.

Reason #2: Emotional Growth

Becoming a surrogate gives you the opportunity for emotional growth and development. Surrogacy isn’t always easy—it requires dedication, patience and empathy—but those traits are rewarded handsomely with personal growth and development at the end of it all. Becoming a surrogate teaches many valuable lessons about life and relationships that can stay with us (and our children, partners, families and friends) long after our journey has ended.

Reason #3: Benefiting Your Own Family

For many women, becoming a surrogate is not just about helping other families — it’s also about financially contributing to their own family. Many surrogates have used their compensation toward their childrens' college tuition, a down payment on a home, a new car, or even start their own business ventures. Whatever your financial goals are, becoming a surrogate could help you achieve them in ways that you never imagined possible before.

Reason #4: Growing Your Circle

Becoming a surrogate allows you to expand your circle in unique ways. You have the chance to meet intended parents almost anywhere in the world, which creates exposure to new cultures, and new relationships that could last a lifetime. Additionally, surrogacy also gives you the chance to bond with other women who have gone through the same experience as yourself; creating lifelong connections with other surrogates can be an extremely enriching experience.

Reason #5: Flexibility & Independence

Being a surrogate is a great option for busy stay at home or work from home moms who’ve had healthy pregnancies who are looking for a way to supplement their income, while having more time and flexibility in their day to day schedule. Women who work outside of the home also make incredible surrogates!

Becoming a surrogate is an extremely rewarding experience that offers both emotional and financial rewards – not only providing hope for intended parents, but also offering independence and flexibility for busy mothers looking to supplement their income or pursue something new altogether. Becoming a surrogate could be one of the best decisions you ever make. So if this sounds like something that interests you, take our 2 minute surrogacy quiz today to see if you qualify.