How to Get Started as a Surrogate with Surrogacy Mentor

So, you are ready to find out what this surrogacy thing is all about, but you are wondering to yourself, "Do I qualify to be a surrogate?". In this blog post, we'll discuss the steps involved in applying and the screening criteria for being a surrogate with Surrogacy Mentor.

Step 1: Understand the Requirements: How to Qualify for Surrogacy

Before you can begin the process of becoming a gestational surrogate, it's important to understand the requirements. These requirements may vary depending on the surrogacy agency you work with, but most agencies have a few standard requirements for gestational carriers. Here are the basic surrogate criteria here at Surrogacy Mentor:

  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 40
  • You must have given birth to at least one child of your own
  • You must have a BMI of 35 or lower
  • You must not smoke or use drugs, and no smoking during any prior pregnancy
  • You must be willing to undergo a series of medical and psychological screenings as part of the surrogate screening process
  • You must have a supportive partner or family member(s) and friends
  • Vaccination against COVID-19 is highly recommended
  • Understand that surrogacy is not a quick process. Read up on the surrogacy timeline here.

Step 2: Take the Surrogacy Quiz and Complete a Surrogate Application

The best place to start is with our easy, 2 minute Surrogacy Quiz. This quick quiz will help us determine whether you meet the very basic criteria to apply as a surrogate. If you do, you will receive an invitation email from us to complete a full application.

Step 3: Chat With a Surrogate at Surrogacy Mentor

If your application is accepted, you'll be asked to schedule a quick Zoom chat with our Surrogate Intake Manager, Marielle - who also happens to be a 3 time surrogate herself! During this chat, Marielle will go over your application, answer all of your questions and explain the next step in the process in getting your surrogacy journey started. Again, all of this is at no cost to you.

By following these steps, you can take the first steps toward becoming a gestational surrogate, while educating and preparing yourself with the help of your surrogacy advocates here at Surrogacy Mentor. We can't wait to hear from you to get you started on the life changing journey of being a surrogate!

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