Open Enrollment: Timing is Everything When It Comes to Surrogacy and Insurance

Navigating the complex world of surrogacy can be overwhelming, but for those considering the rewarding journey of becoming a gestational surrogate, timing is everything! Open Enrollment for health insurance is around the corner, and it’s an important part of every surrogate's journey. Let's dive into why you don't want to miss the boat on Open Enrollment.

The Opportunity of Open Enrollment

For those unfamiliar with the term, Open Enrollment is the specific period each year during which all USA individuals can purchase or modify their health insurance policies. The window for this year is November 1st through January 15th, 2023 to secure a plan that covers you for 2024. If you don't already have health insurance that accommodates a surrogate pregnancy, this period is your golden ticket. Why? Many health insurance plans will not cover expenses related to a surrogate pregnancy, and having such a plan is a requirement to be a surrogate. Open Enrollment is the one time each year that a policy can be obtained to meet this requirement. Missing Open Enrollment might mean waiting another year, or waiting to be matched with Intended Parents who can afford the extremely hefty price tag of a private insurance solution. Long story short: you do NOT want to miss Open Enrollment!

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Professional Guidance is Essential

Top surrogacy agencies understand the intricacies of the surrogacy process, especially concerning health insurance. As such, they will always refer you to an insurance agent who specializes in surrogacy insurance solutions to examine any insurance policy you currently have in place, and/or obtain a new policy for proper coverage. Figuring out which policy is "surrogacy friendly" is not something you should ever try to do on your own. Leveraging their expertise during Open Enrollment ensures that you're backed by seasoned professionals every step of the way.

Timing is Everything

If you're contemplating becoming a surrogate, reach out to us today to discuss your options. Open Enrollment is right around the corner and we don't want you to miss out!

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