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Psychological Evaluations: What to Expect as a Surrogate

The psychological evaluation ensures you're emotionally and mentally ready for the surrogacy journey. It helps identify any support you might need and prepares you for the responsibilities ahead.


What to Expect

  1. Initial Consultation: You'll meet with a licensed mental health professional, either in person or via video call, to discuss your motivations for surrogacy, to answer any questions you have and to get to know you and your social and mental health history.

  2. Personal History: You'll share information about your upbringing, relationships, and significant life events. This helps the evaluator understand your background.

  3. Personality Assessment: You will take a standardized personality online assement. Typically it is either the MMPI or the PAI test that is administered.

  4. Surrogacy-Specific Topics: You'll talk about your understanding of the surrogacy process, expectations, and concerns, including the relationship with intended parents, communication preferences during the journey, and important topics such as pregnancy termination, miscarriage and mental health support during the journey.

  5. Support System: The evaluator will ask about your support network, including about the support of your partner (if you're partnered or married), family, and friends. If you are are partnered or married, your partner will need to be present for a portion of the evaluation to answer questions from the therapist.


After the Evaluation

The mental health professional will provide a report to your agency with their findings and recommendations. If needed, the report may suggest additional support or counseling. Psychological evaluations shouldn't feel scary or intimidating. They are in place to make sure that your questions are answered, your concerns addressed and ultimately to be sure you are in a healthy emotional and mental space before starting the beautiful yet complex process that is a surrogacy journey.