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Surrogacy Mentor Announces Partnership with Lisa Chiya of The Genesis Group

Surrogacy industry veterans partner to provide support, education and mentorship to aspiring surrogates, while helping surrogacy agencies find qualified surrogate candidates.

MESA, AZ - March 1, 2023: Surrogacy Mentor (, an innovative surrogacy education, mentorship and recruiting firm founded by industry veteran Carey Flamer-Powell, today announced its partnership with Lisa Chiya, Founder and President of The Genesis Group. Through the powerhouse partnership, Surrogacy Mentor will provide its surrogate education, screening and recruitment services to more surrogate applicants and surrogacy agencies throughout the USA by leveraging the combined 30 years of surrogacy expertise of Chiya and Flamer-Powell.

Chiya brings over 20 years of third-party reproductive management to Surrogacy Mentor. She is a proud parent to three beautiful children via IVF and surrogacy. In addition to leading her well known agency, Genesis Egg Donation and Surrogacy, Chiya is also a founding member and board member of the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS) and a board member of Ambition, a non-profit school-based entrepreneurial program for disadvantaged youths.

Chiya will serve as Managing Partner for Surrogacy Mentor, while Flamer-Powell will run day-to-day operations as Director.

"Surrogacy Mentor is an incredible resource for surrogates and surrogacy agencies," says Chiya. “I am proud to partner with Carey as we combine our knowledge and experience to expand Surrogacy Mentor’s positive influence on the industry through education, mentorship and ethical business practices. Surrogacy is beautiful when done with respect and care for all involved.”

Surrogacy Mentor will leverage the deep industry knowledge of Chiya and Flamer-Powell to provide the following:

  • Ethical Surrogate Recruiting Practices: focusing recruiting outreach on education, mentorship and screening criteria rather than surrogate compensation.
  • Surrogate Education: providing each surrogate with a thorough knowledge of the surrogacy process via Surrogacy Mentor’s proprietary Surrogacy University education portal.
  • Thorough Surrogate Applicant and Agency Screening: ensuring the safety of all parties by thoroughly screening every surrogate applicant’s medical, social and criminal background history, and vetting surrogacy agencies to be sure they meet industry standards for ethics and best business practices.

Carey Flamer-Powell, Founder and Director of Surrogacy Mentor, is an experienced gestational surrogate and surrogacy agency founder, with over a decade of expertise in the surrogacy industry. She also co-founded and served as Co-President of the Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Association (OSPA), served as the LGBTQ Surrogacy Advisor for Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED), and has co-chaired several committees for the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS).

Says Flamer-Powell, “Having Lisa on board as my partner at Surrogacy Mentor, with her decades of experience and knowledge of the surrogacy industry, allows Surrogacy Mentor to become the gold standard in surrogate education, recruiting and matching services. We will be able to help so many more surrogates and agencies enjoy a safe and ethical surrogacy journey together. I am incredibly excited for what lies ahead for Surrogacy Mentor.”

Women interested in becoming a surrogate can learn more about Surrogacy Mentor at and taking the 2-minute surrogacy quiz. Surrogacy agencies interested in learning more about working with Surrogacy Mentor's qualified and screened surrogate candidates may contact Flamer-Powell at

About Surrogacy Mentor:

Our mission at Surrogacy Mentor is simple: to bring together qualified surrogates and reputable surrogacy agencies. Surrogates: Save time, paperwork and confusion by starting your journey with us, and letting us do all of the hard work to find you a reputable surrogacy agency -- all at zero cost to you. Surrogacy Agencies: We ensure that every surrogate is pre-screened, educated via our Surrogacy University® education series and matched with the agency that best suits her needs. Our ultimate goal is a safe, ethical and joyful journey for each surrogate, parent and agency. For more information about Surrogacy Mentor, visit