The #1 Predictor of a Successful Surrogate

When it comes to the intricate journey of surrogacy, there are a myriad of factors that both intended parents and surrogate applicants consider. From emotional readiness to health requirements, every element holds weight.

However, there’s one often-underestimated factor that stands out as a strong predictor of a successful match: a surrogate applicant’s responsiveness and follow-through during the application and screening process.

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The Importance of Timely Responses

The surrogacy journey is one of mutual trust. Intended parents are placing their dreams of parenthood in the hands of another person, hoping to form a bond that's both personal and professional. The early stages of this journey – the application and screening process – set the tone for what’s to come.

Timely responses from surrogate applicants serve as indicators of commitment and dedication. When a surrogate applicant responds quickly and accurately to queries, it speaks volumes about her level of interest, dedication, and respect for the process. It gives agencies and intended parents confidence that she's engaged, organized, and serious about her journey.

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Follow-Through: An Undeniable Impression

The application and screening process for surrogacy is comprehensive, and rightfully so. Every step is crucial for ensuring the best outcomes for everyone involved. When a surrogate applicant consistently follows through with each requirement, without needing “chasing” or leaving steps incomplete, it leaves a lasting positive impression. It tells agencies and intended parents, "You can trust me. I’m here, fully invested in this journey, every step of the way."

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The Bigger Picture

Think of the application and screening process as the foundation of a building. A strong, consistent, and timely foundation promises a stable and reliable structure. Surrogate applicants who display responsiveness and impeccable follow-through are essentially laying a robust foundation, not just for the surrogacy process but for the profound relationship they're about to forge with the intended parents.

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Ready to Take the Leap?

To all the incredible women considering the gift of surrogacy: your commitment, responsiveness, and dedication during the application process are invaluable. They’re more than just steps or tasks; they're the early threads of a beautiful tapestry that you, the intended parents, and the child will cherish for a lifetime.

We invite you to take the first step in this remarkable journey. Head over to and take our 2 Minute Surrogacy quiz. Your responsiveness today could be the beginning of a life-changing journey tomorrow.

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