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What Should You Look For In a Surrogate Advocate?

As the surrogacy industry continues to grow, the demand for surrogate advocates who have a wealth of knowledge and experience has also increased. Women who are considering becoming a surrogate need a reliable and trustworthy guide who can help them navigate through the process. This is where the experts at Surrogacy Mentor come in.

Here are three reasons why experience - not just as former surrogates, but as seasoned business owners and respected surrogacy industry experts - matters when it comes to women choosing a surrogate advocate:

  1. Commitment to Ethical Practices: Ethics are critical in surrogacy, and the experts at Surrogacy Mentor have built their businesses and reputations on ethical and transparent principles. We are surrogacy non-profit founders, respected industry founders and board members, former agency owners, former surrogates and parents via surrogacy who prioritize the well-being of surrogates first. Don't let others tell you that over 30+ years of professional experience in surrogacy and egg donation isn't a positive thing when it comes to advocating for surrogates. It's just not true.
  2. Expertise in Matching: The matching process is a critical step in surrogacy, whether you are matching with a surrogacy agency or matching with intended parents. At Surrogacy Mentor, we have decades of experience matching thousands of surrogates, and we take pride in matching surrogates with reputable agencies who share similar values, goals, and expectations. You will always be in the driver's seat when it comes to setting your matching criteria and choice of agency.
  3. Pre-Screening and Free Education: We are different at Surrogacy Mentor, in that we provide not only proprietary education for surrogates via our Surrogacy University program, but we also provide full pre-screening before you match with an agency. This saves you and your agency valuable time, paperwork and effort, so you can focus on a successful surrogacy journey together. And remember, every service we provide at Surrogacy Mentor is 100% FREE to surrogates!

If you would like to learn more about what makes Surrogacy Mentor the best surrogate advocate company for you, schedule a quick chat or take our easy 2 minute quiz today!

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